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"I am in love with this series and the author." 3 Partners in Shopping Blog

“Jana Richards weaves a story that is heart-felt and it offers a depth many authors fail to achieve.” Belinda Williams Books

"Jana Richards writes with great wit and a sharp eye for detail, making her characters and story feel absolutely real." Jill Blake, Goodreads reader

"So, in summary, put aside your book markers because you won't need them; turn off the phone because you won't want to be interrupted, lock the door, and ENJOY this one by Jana Richards." Seriously Reviewed

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British pilot-in-training, William Crane, is impatient to complete his training and join the fight against Hitler back in Europe. But until he graduates from the British Commonwealth Air Training Program, he’s stuck meandering across the blue skies of Saskatchewan, Canada. When a stunt with his plane goes wrong, Will discovers that hope still lives, and that he has a reason to live beyond the end of the war.  

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