Always a Bridesmaid --  Jana Richards

Always A Bridesmaid

Dani Dipietro has always considered herself an ugly duckling in a family of swans. She's the bridesmaid her friends count on, but never the woman any man wants for his bride. So she plays the funny girl and guards her emotions, and her secrets, closely.

When Zach Morrison was dumped at his wedding, Dani was there to help him through the humiliation. A year later they meet again and once more Zach needs her help. To fend off the unwanted attentions of his former fiancé, he asks Dani to pretend to be his girlfriend. They play their roles a little too well, and make believe turns into reality. But their relationship comes crashing down around them when Zach's trust issues cause him to accuse Dani of cheating. Telling the truth means that Dani will betray a friend, something she will never do. But keeping her secrets means she may be destined to remain a bridesmaid forever.

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Heat Level: Sizzling


A sensitive plot line well-crafted by the author. Entertaining characters packed with humor and emotion. The secondary characters are equally enjoyable.
Still Moments Magazine

Always a Bridesmaid took me through a gamut of emotions from laughing in sympathy when Dani’s too-tight bridesmaids dress split while she tried to retrieve a lady’s purse from under the pew and was discovered by Zach after his fiancé, her college friend, left him at the altar, to crying with her when he believes he’s betrayed her.  For a fun, cozy read, curl up with Always a Bridesmaid.
Rochelle’s Reviews

Entertaining story.  I really liked Dani, she was so sweet and even though pretending to be Zach's girlfriend was out of her comfort zone, she embraced the challenge. Great chemistry, a really fun weekend read.
Musings from an Addicted Reader

Fun, fast-paced, romantic! I'm 3 for 3 with this author and I thoroughly enjoyed this tale! Although all these poor people being left at the altar is enough to make me leery of weddings. 
My Favorite Things Blog

Always a Bridesmaid executes strongly, delivering romance believably with humour that flows naturally. Dani and Zach are both likeable main characters and their attraction is enjoyable to read… Richards has a knack of developing characters with real depth, something which the genre often fails to do. We watch as Dani and Zach chart trust issues as a result of a friend's predicament. We also journey with Dani as she struggles with her sense of identity surrounding her body issues. Richards depth in her characters also extends to the supporting cast, which is another reason her novels engage more than the blurb would suggest.
Belinda Williams Blog

I loved this story, in fact all of them. Jana really did a wonderful job with Dani and Zach, They were well developed and her scenes was sometimes down right funny… I promise it was a really entertaining read.
Adrienne Woods Blogs

It was a sweet story with a couple of lovemaking scenes that will have you cheering for the sweet, curvaceous girl-next-door. It is a good book for a light beach read, or to curl up with a warm blanket on a cold day.
Michelle, Amazon

What a great series Jana wrote. It may not be all about conventional love, or things starting out in the best way. The thing is the books all ended in the best ways. I loved the same characters being in the books, mostly background until their own book, but it all worked out fine. I have a hard time deciding which of the three books is my favorite because they're all very well done, so I'm not going to decide. I'm just going to enjoy them all. 
Ramblings of a Book Lunatic

Jana Richards has created two wonderfully vulnerable and loving characters in Dani and Zach and they drive the story… Always A Bridesmaid had the perfect combination of humor, heartbreak and romance to make it an unforgettable read.
Natasha Jackson for Reader’s Favorite

Ms. Richards has created a dramatic tale with a twist version of this “Always A Bridesmaid”. The heroine, from a large family of protective brothers, is shown constant care and family love. She deals with low self-esteem issues and has a negative self-image, and the story showcases this delicately. The hero was quick to jump to conclusions and miscommunications abound, which will lead readers in a predictable direction; however this keeps the story entertaining. The twists that reveal characters' practices were a unique surprise and tied up the ending nicely. 
Julie Caicco, InD’tale Magazine



The door swung open, and for a moment Dani could only stare. Zach Morrison stood holding the door and looking even more handsome then he had a year ago. She'd learned from Fiona that he'd be here, that they'd be paired together in the wedding party. But even though he'd had a starring role in her fantasies for the last year, she hadn't expected her insides to go all mushy at the sight of him.

Finally, she remembered her manners and held out her hand. "It's nice to see you again, Zach."

He took her hand and held it tightly. "It's nice to see you, too. In fact, I'm really glad you're here."

Her mouth went instantly dry. "You are?"

"Yeah." He squeezed her fingers, the look on his face intense. "I know we don’t know each other well, but I have a favor I need to ask you. A really big favor."

"Okay." She couldn't imagine what kind of favor he'd want from her. "Why don't I come inside and you can tell me about it."

He looked furtively over his shoulder. "I haven't forgotten your kindness when I saw you last. My mother told me how considerate you were to her and Camp as well. Thank you."

"You're welcome. But I really didn't do anything." Her heart pounded so hard she was sure he could hear it.

"It meant a lot to me. Listen, there's not much time. I wanted to ask you--"

"Zach! Who's at the door?"

Dani started. She knew that voice. Chantal.

Zach visibly shuddered at the demanding tone in his ex-fiancé’s voice. His blue eyes implored her.

"Please, play along with me. I'll make it worth your while."


"Daniella, help me, please!" he whispered.

How could she say no to a handsome man asking for her help?

"Okay, but--"

Before she could articulate a question, he pulled her into his arms, his mouth descending on hers. Dani was too shocked to object. For a full ten seconds she remained rigid and unyielding. Then she relaxed slightly, sighing at the sweet sensation of his lips touching hers. Her hands seemed to move on their own accord, first exploring his muscular chest, then winding around his neck. Her body trembled as it molded itself against his.

"Dani? Is that you?"

Chantal's voice doused the pleasant awareness. She stepped back with a jolt, shocked that she'd been so intimate with someone she hardly knew. She cringed. And in front of an audience, too.

Zach put his arm around her waist, pulling her against him and kissing her cheek. "Just follow my lead. Please," he whispered urgently in her ear. Dani looked up into his eyes and saw his desperation. Without thinking, she gave an imperceptible nod. He grinned and turned to face Chantal.

"I was just saying hello to Daniella."

Chantal looked her up and down. "Since when do you say hello to Dani by sticking your tongue down her throat?"